In the pipeline…

I’ve been suspiciously quiet as of late — working on finishing up my dissertation — but in doing so have come up with a slew of new blog posts that should begin to trickle out shortly. For those who follow the blog, I wanted to put out a short post letting you know what to expect:

-an update to my post on R2 for linear mixed effects models (already live)

-an introduction to piecewise structural equation modeling (SEM), including a new function for automating Shipley’s tests of d-separation. The function is already hosted on GitHub

-how to download, align, and concatenate gene sequence data, and how to construct phylogenetic trees using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference, all through R

Looking forward to getting these posts out there!

One thought on “In the pipeline…

  1. Maria W Pil says:

    Can’t wait for that “how to download, align and concatenate…” post! Just discovered your blog. Really neat stuff. Thanks for sharing all those codes. Using the nMDS one right now.

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