BioDiverse Perspectives

I’m happy to announce the launch of the new blog, BioDiverse Perspectives! The blog is a cooperative effort by graduate students all over the world blogging on the topic of biodiversity science, using casual, approachable language to initiate discussion amongst the next generation of biodiversity researchers. The project is funded through the NSF’s Dimensions of Biodiversity Distributed Graduate Seminar (which I previously blogged about here). Each article revisits a foundational paper in biodiversity research, or highlights emerging new concepts in the field. The purpose is to stimulate discussion amongst graduate students in the digital age. So stop by, read an article (or contribute one), and leave a comment! A big thanks to co-PI Julia Parrish, Hillary Burgess, and the University of Washington for making the blog possible.

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How blogging will change ecology: straight from the Fox’s mouth

Jeremy Fox, ecologist and blogger extraordinaire at Dynamic Ecology, has just made available a new publication called: “Can blogging change how ecologists share ideas? In economics, it already has” for Ideas in Ecology and Evolution. He has shared the pre-print version (where else) on his blog, and you can check it out here:

He makes a number of good points. Here is my admittedly biased take:

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